Packing for the Way!

Max submitted his PhD thesis, we signed a contract to rent back in Cambridge again and we have finished work! Today is the day before we head up to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Glasgow, so I am attempting to pack for our roughly planned 4 week trip walking around the Scottish Highlands.

We have tried to save money by borrowing as much as possible, we have credited everyone below for helping us, thank you guys!

The big 3 – Tent, sleeping systems and bags

1x Two man tent, plus ground sheet and 2 spare tent pegs – given to us by Tony Moulds

2 x 2-3 season sleeping bags – from my parents house

4 x compression bags (for sleeping bags and clothes) – from Katie and Mark McHugh

5 x dry bags of varying sizes from Kathy Broadbent and the McHughs

1 x silk sleeping bag liner – from Katie McHugh

1 x synthetic sleeping bag liner – bought with Cotswold vouchers given as a wedding present from Max’s Uni friends

2 x sleeping mats (1 small, 1 large) – bought with Cotswold vouchers given as a wedding present from Max’s Uni friends

1 x Osprey Ariel 55 litre bag – lent to us by Sarah Mathews

1 x 65+ litre Wynnster bag – was Stacey’s from her D of E days

Clothes – between us both

2 x Buffalo Shirts + hoods

2 x hiking boots (stacey = Salomon, Max = HiTech)

2 x gaiters – 1 pair was an Christmas gift, the other lent to us by Katie

2 x wool/fleece hats

2 x buffs

1 x water proof gloves – Stacey’s present to Max for submitting his thesis

1 x Merino mittens – Max got them for Stacey from Svalbard

5 x sock liners – all borrowed from the McHughs and Ben Argyle

4 x hiking socks – 1 pair was a gift to Stacey from Marilli in Switzerland

2 x  Craghoppers walking trousers

2 x waterproof trousers

6 x underwear (plus 2 x sports bra)

1 x quick dry large towel – wedding gift from the McHughs

2 x running kit – we are running a 33 mile recce at a training camp on Day 5 so require… 2 x trail shoes (Stacey = Brooks, Max =Altra) , 2 x Nathan running vests, 2 x Hilly double layer running socks, 4 x Ronhill squidgey water bottles, 2 x compression shin sleeves, 2 x running rain coat, 2 x Nike shorts.

2 x sets of thermals – from Katie McHugh and Ben Argyle

2 x fleece jumpers (Stacey = Ayacucho , Max = North Face)

4 x tech T-shirts  (1 was free from Endurance life race)

3 x long sleeve layers

2 x thick shirts


Food – mainly Cous Cous, porridge, gels and chocolate

1 x Vango stove

2 x fuel canisters

water proof matches and a lighter

2 x sporks – gift from the Venners

2 x water systems

2 x 1 litre water bottles

2 x personalised metal water bottles – wedding gift from the Harts

50 x water purification tablets

1 x saucepan and handle

2 x bowls

2 x thermos mugs

1/2 sponge and washing up liquid

Other stuff

1 x First aid kit – wedding gift from the McHughs

2 x space blanket

1 x survival bag

2 x head torches

Tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, hair brush, hair ties, baby wipes, eco bug spray, alcohol gel.

washing powder

1 x digital camera + charger – birthday gift years ago form Stacey’s parents

2 x iphones + chargers

2 x portable chargers – gifts, one from Max’s mum and one from Stacey’s cousin

lots of zip lock bags + 2 x bin bags

1 x penknife -gift from Max’s parents

15m of string

16 x AAA batteries


2 x foot print maps of WHW and Great Glen Way

1 x WHW guide book ( might leave this behind once we read it on the train)

1 x OS map OL55

2 x compass

1 x map case – from the McHughs

2 x GPS watches










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