Training in numbers

Running on the Way this weekend another runner came up to me and told me she reads my blog. I replied that it cannot be my blog as no-one really reads it. But she insisted, it was my blog! She said she liked that I put all my milage up and it was not huge milage weeks which reassured her. So, just for Nicky, here is my weekly milage (in Strava weeks) since my last podcast in mid Feb. Also, here is the food I ate and estimated calorie content from my longest run so far (34miles/~9hours) on the course and the kit I use.

Training so far

I must reiterate, I only run half this milage and fast walk the other half, I also do strength work for about an hour a week.

Strava Week Total
Feb 19th-25th 18.1miles
26th Feb – 4th Mar 63.3miles
Mar 5th – 11th 47.2miles
Mar 12th – 18th 29.1miles
Mar 19th – 25th 37.4miles
Mar 26th – Apr 1st 54.6miles

My running kit

  • Brooks Caldera trainers
  • PhD Smart wool socks (love these)
  • Compression shin guards
  • Really old nike shorts (not compression)
  • Whatever free tech T from a race
  • M&S sports bra
  • OMM Kamlieka jacket
  • Suunto GPS watch
  • Salomon S lab 8litre race vest.

I plan to wear light weight long sleeves and leggings in the WHW race as midge love my blood.

In my vest I pack

  • 1st aid kit = 2x paracetamol capsules, iboprofen gel, blister plaster, couple of various sized plasters, diarolyte, imodium capsule, midge repellent and silver blanket.
  • waterproof bag with spare micro fleece, buff, fingerless rugby gloves (have grip) and thin hat
  • 2x 500ml water soft bottles
  • watch face
  • phone in plastic sandwich bag
  • all my food



Breakfast tends to be Joe Wicks oat and protein pancakes, but covered in butter, full fat Greek yoghurt and golden syrup. If no pancakes, I have porridge with syrup.

(I did not have pancakes in Tyndrum so 1hour before the 34mile run I also ate two doughnuts, just in case! (440 kcal).)


This is what too much pancake looks like (pre-mararthon I thought I could eat this much, I can’t)

While running

  • 1.5 cheese and pickle sandwiches. (~300 kcal)
  • 1 snickers bar (~300kcal)
  • 2 x 9 bars (~350kcal)
  • 2 x oatcakes with A LOT of butter (~100Kcal)
  • 1 new potato (given to me and was really yummy!)
  • 1/2 sharing bag haribo (did not eat any til last 10 miles ~500Kcal)
  • 1 sachet of tailwind (200kcal)
  • 1 diarylte sachet
  • salted crips (150kcal)

Total = 2400kcal and I think I used up about 3000kcal – good thing I had those pre-run doughnuts.

I will eat like this in the race, but with more pizza, cheeseburgers and chocolate milk.

Post run

As soon as I finished Max passed me a protein shake mixed with vanilla milkshake and a bowl of homemade soup with bread, oatcakes and ALL THE BUTTER. Later I also had a regular dinner with wine.

Happy running and eating!


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