Highland Fling 53 mile footrace!

My longest training run will be the Highland Fling on Saturday at 53miles (eep!). I will use the race to practise my WHW race pacing so it will not be a PB (must put my ego away and not race!!). Racing at WHWrace pace will allow me to estimate realistically my splits for my crew to meet me and work out what I will need from them at different stages and know where my low points might come. So now just about to pack and already seen the amazing Liz Bennet of Body Balance Sport massage who supporting me this year and has massaged my legs which now feel awesome and ready for fast hiking/slow running across Scotland!

The Fling is an unsupported race so here is my race plan!

Timeline pre-race


3.15am – Wake up (lol, like I will sleep!!)

3:45am – Coach leaves from Tyndrum Visitor Centre, FK20 8RY, going to the race start in Milngavie.

4:30am – 5:45am – Race registration at race start, Milngavie Station car park, bring drop bags to race start and put into checkpoint vehicles & bring kit bags (for finish at Tyndrum) to race start and put into large truck.

5:45am – Race Director’s race briefing for all runners
6:00am – Race start. Run 53 miles to Tyndrum


Race number: 344 & Max is 343 (How brill are our numbers!)

Splits and checkpoints

Checkpoint Distance   cutoff My times  Splits/Pace
Drymen 12.6 miles 20km 8.30am 2hr30 7.5min/km
Balmaha 19.8 miles 32km  drop bags 10am 4hr 7.5min/km
Rowardennan 27.2 miles 44km 7 hrs (1pm)

drop bags

12am 6hr  10min/km
Inversnaid 34.5miles 55km  drop bags 2pm 8hr 11min/km
Beinglas 40.9 miles 66km 11hr15 (5.15pm)

drop bags

4pm 10hr 11min/km
A82 road 50-ish miles 80km 14hr15 (8.15pm) 7pm 13hr 10.7min/km
Finish 53miles 85km 7.45pm 13hr45 9min/km

Kit requirements

The race is collecting for East Dunbartonshire food bank, so we will bring some donations to registration.

Foil blanket – Phone -Photographic ID

My Kit

  • Brooks Caldera Trainers
  • Smart wool socks
  • Calf sleeves
  • Running shorts
  • mini kilt
  • grey or purple long sleeve (weather dependent, grey is warmer)
  • sports bra
  • T shirt (incase)
  • Omm rain coat
  • Suunto watch
  • Race vest pack with 2x500ml soft bottle.
  • visor
  • Fling buff

My race kit! Ding Ding!


    • 1st aid kit = 2x paracetamol capsules, iboprofen gel, blister plaster, couple of various sized plasters, diarolyte, imodium capsule,  silver blanket.
    • waterproof bag with spare T shirt, spare long sleeve, buff, fingerless rugby gloves (have grip) and thin hat
    • 2x 500ml water soft bottles
    • watch face
    • phone in plastic sandwich bag
    •  food (salt cashews and dried cranberries)

Drop bags.

Balmaha – Crisps, coffee, pizza, electrolyte

Rowerdennen – chocolate milk, cheese and pickle sandwich, potatoes, rice pudding, electrolyte

Inversnaid – snickers, sports drink, Imodium and plasters, shot blocks

Beinglas -Coffee drink, rice pudding, crisps, oat cakes, coke, haribo, gels,


Pancakes, maybe doughnuts, probably pizza…


protein shake with milkshake, curry, chips and beer 🙂

Shower, sleep, party

next day… run?


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