New year, same running goals

So WHWrace training has begun and thank goodness I have a goal to focus on. This year I feel is going to be a toughy, 2020 a warm up for what is coming for us in the UK. 

This is my third time starting WHW training, 2018 I completed, 2020 a NOS (no one started), and it’s the strongest I have felt this early on. Since June I have focussed on getting back mountain fitness. I am a probationer in Oban Mountain Rescue and after an injury and then lockdown with a mountain ban it’s been tough getting hill fitness back, however, this has given me a great base. Plus it’s now 16months since my ankle injury and no racing has only helped the ligament recover. It’s still not right and causing some niggles. 

So the long runs are slow, but steady and 3-4 hours running is very comfortable. More focus this time round on speed work, getting my big miles banked early and night running.

For 2020 Jim Bacon was joining my husband Max to crew me, but as Jim’s work here ends soon I am very lucky that John Phelan has stepped up to fill Jim’s spot. 

It’s only Jan, but the race already occupies most of my thoughts while running. I will be fully utilising drop bags this time with no support at cps until weigh in. This is to keep my stops short. I don’t plan to take a runner until earliest BoO and to reach KLL before it’s fully dark. 

I am also planning for a cancelled race, with 1-2 personal challenges as options to undertake instead depending on the covid guidance at the time. I know, without the race I will stop training like last year. With some personal challenges atm, running has been really important to me so need to keep it flowing. 

Just want to take a moment at the end of this to wish our friend and WHWrace family member – a WHWrace parent, I run with so much of John Kynaston’s advice in my mind, a speedy and full recovery. Thinking of you John, one foot in front of the other and see you when you are well on the Way again, hopefully soon xx

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