Book Review: Peaks and Bandits

Amazon link – Peaks and Bandits: The classic of Norwegian literature

by Alf Bonnevie Bryn

I have been given this book by the publisher and the review is my own uninfluenced thoughts.

I would not bother, unless you miss ‘the good old days’ 1/5

A recent English translation by Bibbi Lee of the reminisces of the Norwegian mountaineer Alf Bonnevie Bryn and his friend George Ingle Finch during their student summer break spent travelling and climbing in Corsica, 1909.

Not my cup of tea and I did not finish it. What started out was a care-free memoir with the sort of dry humour lovers of Rumdoodle may enjoy, however, this is not a novel. I found this story was too much an example of ‘old boy’ sort of banter and culture, an example of privilege that did not sit well with me. In particular, the way the author recollects with humour the unprovoked violence the pair get involved in when visiting foreign cities, recollections of cruelty to animals and pranks at the expense of strangers and hotel staff, and just there was very little climbing or adventure in first half of the book I did read. Fair play to the pair building skis for a family that took them in though. Like I said, I did not finish this book, so maybe things turn around later?

Book review of Peaks and bandits by Alf Bonnevie Bryn

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